My future? I am not really sure.

My future? I am not really sure.

I am always thinking about my future. It can be about what will happen in one month, one year, maybe five or even more. 

What do I want? My plans are changing every day. Especially now with COVID-19 and the quarantine which helped me think about whether I am happy or not with the things that I am used to doing. The only things which I know are: I want to change my job, travel more and become vegan.

1. Living and working abroad – Looking for my happy place.


I want to work abroad for a year or more. I would like to go someplace where English is the first language because I want to practice and improve it every day. My first option is Australia and the second one is Denmark, though I know English is not the first language there. My partner in this adventure (aka. the boyfriend) and I will wait for a couple months to decide the place where we will finally go, once the current situation is better. Also, our plans are to travel more once we settle. I am hoping to find my happy place to live and work. 

2. Changing my job 

This is the only thing I am really sure about. Covid-19 started when I was looking for a new job and in fact I had had some interviews, but the pandemic stopped it all. I will continue my search when the lockdown and quarantine finish as it is not the best moment now. Also, I am doing a postgraduate degree related to climate change. I would like my future job to be related to this. 

3. Becoming vegan

I have always wanted to be vegetarian. Over these last few months, I was able  to do it; I learned a lot. I want to be vegan in some years. I think it is my way to contribute to helping our planet which has several problems caused by the animal industry. It is an option to live without animal suffering and being friendlier to the environment.  This problem needs our intervention and it is time to act now and not when it is too late.


I don’t know if in some days I will change my mind about my plans, or how long it will take me to accomplish them. What I do know is that I will put into practice what someone once said to me: “Make it happen”. It depends on me. Don’t you think so?


Contributed by Sabrina Kossak

Narration by Mariana Herrera

How I enjoyed my day at the beach! KIDS

The beach is a beautiful and peaceful place. You can always connect with nature. I’ll tell you my experience the very first time I went to the beach in a foreign country. 

At the beginning, my family and I were at our hotel room ready to go to a beach nearby. The view was amazing and the horizon looked good. We were at the beach when my parents bought me a great sandcastle bucket and I was very happy about that!


A few minutes after walking, exploring the city and enjoying the beach itself, I asked my parents if we could eat something after swimming, they said yes!

Later, I was very scared and happy at the same time when we arrived at the beach. Some minutes later, I got it: I had nostalgic feelings because it was the first time I remembered a beach at all! Because I’m from another country.


When I touched the sand into the salty water, I was very cold, but my parents encouraged me to keep going and that really helped me to get more into the water, but I knew I couldn’t go so far. Then, I saw that my parents had a surprise for me… It was a surfboard!

I wasn’t dreaming but we stayed for hours and spent a wonderful day enjoying the water, the surfing board and the sandcastle.

An hour later, it was time to go to eat. I wanted to stay more time, but I knew that we had to go. We went to a beautiful restaurant and the food was very delicious! It was definitely a memorable experience. 

How about you?

Have you ever had a great day at the beach?

My favorite skyscraper! KIDS


 My favorite skyscraper is The Taipei 101 located in Taiwan. You may ask why? Well, It is because The Taipei 101 is one of the tallest skyscrapers around the world. It has a great structure and it looks very elegant, impressive and modern. I would really like to thank those people who designed it and made it. 


Skyscrapers are made of steel because steel is a very strong metal just perfect for buildings so tall like skyscrapers. Architects, Engineers and other construction workers need a long time for planning the design and construction of skyscrapers. They need to be very careful about it because many people will visit those structures once they are finished. 



The Taipei 101 has 101 floors, 5 basement floors, beautiful glass windows and mega columns. I like the Taipei 101 blue-green color because those are my favorite colors as well. I like that skyscraper more than any other one because it is located in Taiwan. Taiwan is an island in the pacific ocean very close to China. I wish I could also go to Taipei, Taiwan in the future because it is a cosmopolitan city. I could also see more buildings made by Taiwanese people.

And How about you?

What’s your favorite skyscraper?

A Captivating Country

Travelling has always been an invigorating experience to which I look forward every year. I have traveled to so many places, yet I cannot seem to get enough of La República de Colombia. It may sound cliché but, I sincerely believe that this South American beauty is the most stunning cosmopolitan and culturally diverse country I have ever visited. 


Colombia is blessed with pure good looking people, prehistoric buildings, great weather, and scrumptious food. It doesn’t matter where you are in Colombia, the weather is always good though it may sometimes be capricious as is the case on the coast where white sand, crystal clear water beaches can be found. 



Life on the coast is almost surreal. Apart from being able to enjoy the weather, the cost of living is low, primarily because the majority of items used on a day-to-day basis such as milk, soap, ground provisions, and even clothes are cultivated and or produced there. As if this were not enough, the coast has shifted from being known as desolate to a buzzing place. 


It is the home to many development projects, distinguished universities, ecological parks, commercial centers and the headquarters of some of the countries’ well-renowned businesses like Tigo and Biopetrol Oil Company. Thanks to all of this development, the transport system has been slowly but surely evolving, moving away from its normal moto-taxi services to private bus services such as Brasilia and even Uber services. 


Now that you have been fed with this news about Colombia, you can now secure your flight and head on over. Your destination, filled with warm sunshine, cumbia music, and charming people, awaits you. 

What is the bright side of the coronavirus (covid-19)?


Everyone is talking about the CoronaVirus. Many people around the world have been and will be affected by this unfortunate situation. We are informing and educating ourselves on the precautions that we must take in order to avoid getting infected. Honestly speaking, the world hasn’t experienced such a brusque, sudden and tragic outbreak like this one in a long time, especially since this one has spread so rapidly worldwide

There are many opinions. For some people, this is just another type of flu that will pass by and nobody will even remember it. For others, it is a tragedy that brings panic and desperation. Many people have freaked out by overstocking as many items as they can from supermarkets, like if it were a zombie apocalypse. In the best cases, there are people who store enough food and supplies just in case the quarantine lasts more than the mandatory 2 weeks period. 

 According to scientific research, the CoronaVirus originated in a sprawling city called Wuhan, specifically in a wet market. But, What is a wet market? It is a market that sells fresh fish, seafood and more. However, according to the news, dead and live, common and exotic animals have regularly been sold in this market. And even worse, those animals are stored almost all together. So, just by mentioning this, you can imagine the sanitary conditions of a place with such description. 

The purpose of this article is not about creating prejudice against any culture or the way they work, but to create awareness and educate ourselves about this pandemic, so the world learns to better deal with this enormous struggle. In addition, governments, authorities and communities are taking precautions to keep everyone safe. 

But, have you taken a moment to look on what the bright side of this catastrophic disease could be? Many people believe that when things look black, there is always a silver lining. Maybe, this is a great moment to: 


Wash your hands more regularly and have better personal hygiene.




Stop that terrible habit called: biting your nails


Take care of yourself without harming others. 

Improve or perfect your time management skills. 

Appreciate people you care for much more. 

What’s one thing you appreciate more now that you’re quarantined?

Ways to simplify your life

Our life is full of responsibilities and obligations, which often makes us forget things that can make our routine easier. Saving time is very important to make our days productive. Making a list of things to start off the day on the right foot is a good option to make your life simple.

Here we have some options to simplify your life in a realistic way:

Set monthly goals

Make things happen by setting goals that you would like to achieve in a short period of time. Goals should be SMART: that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Make sure your goals are simple and practical.

Follow a quick morning routine

Before you leave home, picture your day; have a sip of water, eat a healthy breakfast and have an easy workout routine.

Use the 50/30/20 ruleImage result for 503020 rule

Organize monthly bills by following this rule: 50% of your salary should be for housing, utilities, groceries and transportation. 30% should be for fun and 20% should be saved. 

Declutter your closet

Clear your closet from clutter and separate things you don’t need anymore. Also, organize your things into three categories: items you want to throw out, items you want to sell, and items you want to donate.

Write a to-do list before bed

Write a list to organize ideas, things you want to do, or things you want to buy.

Carry a bottle of water everywhere

Always have a water bottle with you in order to stay hydrated.

Keep healthy snacks with you

Take a healthy snack to work or class to boost your energy.


Watch less TV

Don’t waste time watching television; a better option is to listen to audio-books or podcasts or to spend time with family and friends.

Think before you multitask

Stay focused on one simple task to fully complete it. Then, continue with a different one. This improves your ability to focus.


Make your lunch the night before

Take some time during your night to prepare a healthy lunch for work or class. This way you will avoid spending money and eating unhealthy food options. Homemade food is always the best choice.

Switch to the cloud

If you use the cloud to save documents, photos, and videos, you won’t have to worry about losing your flash drive!

Don’t waste time on being negative

We all have things that happen to us and make a good day turn bad, keep a positive reaction and forget about it.

Slow down

Don’t start your day in a rush. Have enough time in advance to go through your day in a smooth way. Slowing down will make you learn to do things correctly and enjoy things more.

Are you interested in simplifying your life ?
What would you add to this list?
Don’t rush through life and start living peaceful and productive days.


Making plans for a trip

When I think about a good trip, I first choose the destination.  In that way, I think about the places that I love, such as beaches, mountains with forests and parks. I also think about with whom I am going to travel.  I have a daughter who is 10 years old and It is important for her to be involved in the plans.

Therefore, we do a research looking for hotels, addresses, transportation and other pertinent information.  When we decide on the hotel where we want to stay, we make a reservation and buy the travel tickets.  The most difficult part is when we try to pack our clothes into our suitcases because we don’t understand very well how many clothes we will need for two weeks.

In order not to be overwhelmed by packing I just take one underpants for each vacation day, one t-shirt for every two days and two or three pants.  Likewise, my daughter takes two or three skirts, blouses and undergarments.

When I am looking for hotels, It is vital that the room has a very beautiful view, especially a view of the sea if the hotel is on the coast.  Also I think about the simple medications that we may need on the trip, like aspirin, ibuprofen, gauzes and alcohol for possible wounds.  With all of that, I make a first aid kit.  

Once I have finished that, I wait until the day of the trip when we go to the airport, take the plane, relax and enjoy the trip. 

Written by Marcelo Gomez (revised by teacher)

The power of reading for a successful lifestyle

Reading allows people to discover a completely new world for your personal and professional growth. The habit of reading definitely makes you get ready to acquire expertise, develop more discipline and new skills without much difficulty. Indeed, experts say that when you truly enhance your reading habits, your synapses work faster because reading actively improves your brain functions and its direct influence modifies complex reasoning, imagination, perception and use of language itself.

Additionally, reading in another language helps you learn anytime you need to improve new abilities. Unfortunately, the culture of reading may seem to be disappearing because of the current boom of social media around the world. 

Training your mind from scratch may also be overwhelming for some people at first, but remember that setting the routine to finish a book can tremendously broaden your mind. Reading lets you recycle knowledge and put it in practice into your life experience. You don’t need to remember everything at once but you will progressively become wiser and more sensible! Nowadays, sources of information are enormous, so you can organize and also leave space for new readings, and have digital copies to access them whenever you want. Buy a simple storybook that interests you, so you won’t feel bored during your first steps. It’s never too late to kick off this habit because it will certainly help you step outside your comfort zone.

Resolutions for 2020 already?

 We are approaching the end of the year, so it is time to reflect on everything we have accomplished  so far in 2019. During this time we opt to break bad habits and replace them with new ones. However, many people find it difficult to come up with new resolutions and stick to them throughout the year. Here are some suggestions you can follow in order to achieve your aspirations for 2020: 

1. Tell someone about your goals and resolutions: It is easier when you have someone reminding you about the purposes of your goals. It helps you not to quit so fast and to stay on track when you feel like you cannot do it anymore.

2. Do not make any radical decisions: Be realistic. It is better to make a few changes to your goal and not to cut them off entirely and go back to them later on.

3. Do it step by step: If your objectives are far too big, divide them into smaller ones. This helps you boost your spirit and self-esteem everytime you feel closer to the big goal. 

4. Start working on your resolutions right away: You do not need to wait until January 1st. If they are important to you, you can start working on them today. Remember that there are no deadlines and you do not need to wait until you feel ready because you will always be.

5. Track your progress: One positive way to measure what you have done is to keep track of the little things you have completed so far. It would be a good idea to do this in a journal or one of your mobile devices. What matters the most is to record the things you have achieved.

6. It is okay to fail: It is not easy to leave old habits behind. If you feel you are not making it, it is okay to stop and start again. 

There are many objectives people like to set for themselves; such as losing weight, quitting smoking, learning a new language or traveling to a new place. Whatever your goals and dreams are, do not forget they depend on you, so be sure to be kind and patient with yourself. New Year’s Eve is a time to gather with family and friends to celebrate the beginning of new trajectories, make new traditions and follow old ones. 


Opening Presents…On Christmas!

Opening Presents…On Christmas!

Opening presents can be a really embarrassing or awkward thing, especially if you are forced to do it in front of a group of people. You surely know what I am speaking about… I am almost never satisfied with the gifts that I get so I usually play Secret Santa just for fun.I do not actually have high gift expectations when it is my birthday or any special occasion like an anniversary (well I am not married so it is beside the point). Let’s start by telling a story that may seem humorous, but believe me, for me it was really flush inducing.

I remembered being really embarrassed in my first years of high school when I received a can of spray deodorant as a Secret Santa present, it was one of the weirdest moments in my school life. “A spray deodorant?”, was there an implicit message behind that gift? I don’t really know, I don’t remember having B.O. at school so I still do not understand why I had been given that gift… Or maybe I do… my friend’s dad, the one who gave me the weird present, was the owner of a pharmacy in town and probably the easiest thing was just choosing an item that they already had in the store, but they chose the worst one. Why did he not give me a bottle of shampoo instead? Or a bottle of cologne… I don’t know but sometimes we just don’t make the best decisions. So here is a list of things that you should never give anyone as a present (unless you want to make them feel embarrassed):

-Toilet paper (unless you are in Venezuela or Cuba where this item would be well received and appreciated),

– If you are a gentleman you should never give a girl a thong (at least not in public where she would be forced to open the present and show it to everyone),

– A dildo (I think the reason is obvious), 

-A pack of condoms (it shouldn’t be a gift that a guy should receive from his parents in the Christmas party)… 

What about you? Have you ever received a present in front of a group of people that made you want to hide your head under the ground like an ostrich? Well, always use your common sense when giving a present or just don’t give anything.