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Listen to the audio and answer the questions by choosing the correct option (a, b or c). Finally, listen again and choose the correct option (true or false).   Recorded by Top English. Adapted from theconversation.com

My future? I am not really sure.

My future? I am not really sure. I am always thinking about my future. It can be about what will happen in one month, one year, maybe five or even more.  What do I want? My plans are changing every day. Especially now with COVID-19 and the quarantine which helped me think about whether I […]

How I enjoyed my day at the beach! KIDS

The beach is a beautiful and peaceful place. You can always connect with nature. I’ll tell you my experience the very first time I went to the beach in a foreign country.  At the beginning, my family and I were at our hotel room ready to go to a beach nearby. The view was amazing […]

My favorite skyscraper! KIDS

   My favorite skyscraper is The Taipei 101 located in Taiwan. You may ask why? Well, It is because The Taipei 101 is one of the tallest skyscrapers around the world. It has a great structure and it looks very elegant, impressive and modern. I would really like to thank those people who designed it […]

A Captivating Country

Travelling has always been an invigorating experience to which I look forward every year. I have traveled to so many places, yet I cannot seem to get enough of La República de Colombia. It may sound cliché but, I sincerely believe that this South American beauty is the most stunning cosmopolitan and culturally diverse country […]

What is the bright side of the coronavirus (covid-19)?

CoronaVirus:COVID-19 Everyone is talking about the CoronaVirus. Many people around the world have been and will be affected by this unfortunate situation. We are informing and educating ourselves on the precautions that we must take in order to avoid getting infected. Honestly speaking, the world hasn’t experienced such a brusque, sudden and tragic outbreak like […]

Ways to simplify your life

Our life is full of responsibilities and obligations, which often makes us forget things that can make our routine easier. Saving time is very important to make our days productive. Making a list of things to start off the day on the right foot is a good option to make your life simple. Here we […]
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Making plans for a trip

When I think about a good trip, I first choose the destination.  In that way, I think about the places that I love, such as beaches, mountains with forests and parks. I also think about with whom I am going to travel.  I have a daughter who is 10 years old and It is important […]

The power of reading for a successful lifestyle

Reading allows people to discover a completely new world for your personal and professional growth. The habit of reading definitely makes you get ready to acquire expertise, develop more discipline and new skills without much difficulty. Indeed, experts say that when you truly enhance your reading habits, your synapses work faster because reading actively improves […]

Resolutions for 2020 already?

 We are approaching the end of the year, so it is time to reflect on everything we have accomplished  so far in 2019. During this time we opt to break bad habits and replace them with new ones. However, many people find it difficult to come up with new resolutions and stick to them throughout […]